Report shows when tenure ends, teachers leave

Educators with the most experience exited when Louisiana ended job security

A new analysis suggests that tenure reform in Louisiana increased the overall exit rate for teachers, especially those with the most experience. Schools with lower standardized test scores had higher rates of teacher exits, meaning that these schools were disproportionately impacted.

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The brief, ‘When tenure ends: Teacher turnover in response to policy changes in Louisiana,’ looked at tenure reform in Louisiana. The authors said:

“Our results support prior findings that teachers value the job security that tenure provides. In places where the supply of teachers is already limited, districts may need to provide higher teacher salaries or improve working conditions to make up for the diminished job security that accompanies tenure reform.”

In Wisconsin and nationally, we’ve seen policy discussions related to tenure reform and teacher accountability reforms. This paper provides a framework for discussion on how these reforms impact teacher decision-making in Louisiana. Moreover, this paper can be coupled with the policy movement regarding teacher shortages and pipeline discussions. Here’s a video link to the paper, where the lead author discusses the findings in detail: