Your Union membership starts at the local affiliate level, but is part of something much bigger. As a Union member, you are part of the National Education Association (NEA), represented on the State level by the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), and then regionally by WEAC Region 7.

The NEA, the WEAC, and Region 7 are all working together with your local to make public education the best it can be for our students. It is the only professional organization fighting for our kids – working for education friendly legislation on the National & State levels, working with State Department’s of Instruction ensuring that our public schools are being held accountable for following State regulations, and giving local Unions the resources they need to help students achieve their highest potential, from rurals to urbans to suburban school districts.

In order to achieve all of our goals, we rely on membership levels to bring in the financial resources needed. Your membership in the Union gives us the resource to remain a strong advocate for you as an education professional, and most importantly, for your students.


Are you looking for ways to boost membership in your local? Training sessions can be scheduled if there is enough interest. If you need more specialized training specifically for your local, please contact your Region 7 Director for assistance.

2019-2020 Membership forms are available below (for personalized Local forms, please contact Sally Stoflet at the WEAC Region 7 office at, or 262-789-6000)

2019-20 Teachers form
2019-20 Education Support Professionals (ESP) form 
2019-20 Fast 50 form

For personalized Local forms, please contact Sally Stoflet at the WEAC Region 7 office at

2020-21 Teachers form
2020-21 Education Support Professionals (ESP) form

Region 7 offers a some membership discounts. For more details, please contact Sally Stoflet at the Region 7 office at 262-789-6000 or

Spousal/domestic partner discount:  Please let us know if you qualify for a spousal/domestic partner discount.  If you and your spouse/domestic partner are both dues paying members of Region 7 you only have to pay 1/2 of your Region 7 dues.  But, you must let us know by January of 2019 (unless you’re a new sign-up after that). You must apply for this discount each year.

New to the Profession Discount: If you are new to the profession, your first year of Region 7 dues are free. Please indicate that you are new to profession on your form.

50% Discount for those new to WEAC membership (except New to the Profession):  Staff who are not new to the profession, but have never been a WEAC member before, may receive %0% off dues for one year if they fit the criteria.

Interested in the WEAC Early Enrollment option?
Information Sheet
2020-21 Teacher Early Enrollment form
2020-21 Education Support Professional (ESP) Enrollment form