Educators Amplified

Radio By, For and Of Professional Educators

WEAC Region 7 sponsors a regular radio broadcast on News Talk 1510AM hosted by South Milwaukee teacher Joanna Rizzotto. “Educators Amplified” features professional educators in our area and covers topics like no other media source. For honest, hard hitting perspectives on what is really going on in our schools, listen in every third Saturday of the month at 12Noon. Below is a list of podcasts from past episodes you can listen to online.

Tanya Lohr, West Bend with Joanna Rizzotto
08-17-19 Educators Amplified – Full Episode
Back to School and Something’s “Off” (4-min)
West Bend Story-Here’s What You Can Do (15-min)
How Educators Get Relief (6-min)
A Most Valuable Right for Educators (8-min)

06-15-19 Educators Amplified – Full Episode (30-min)
Cudahy – What a Strong Union Can Do (11-min)
Do We Need Conflict for Change? (8-min)
Will Wisconsin Educators Rise Up (10-min)

05-18-19 Educators Amplified – Full Show (40-min)
Consequences of Labeling & Accountability (8.5-min)
Good & Bad Schools for Teachers (8-min) 05-18-19
Who Labels Our Schools and Why (11-min)

04-13-19 Educators Amplified – What to do About Teacher Shortage (17-min)
Earl-Ingram-Show – Dou Vang Interview (9-min)